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Settees? What are settees? To those unfamiliar with the term, a settee is like a small couch that can sit up to two people at once and it not to be confused with a love-seat. Settees are stylish and small. Have limited outdoor space? Settees are great for small spaces. They come in handy when you need to decorate a small outdoor space. Put it in the right spot, then shop for matching pillows in our cushion section and you are good to go. Guests will love how comfortable your settee is. Our settees are so comfortable they will put you to sleep. We have so many options it will be very hard to choose which one you will like best. The Oakland Living Elite Cast Aluminum Settee Bench is great for gardens. You will have a great place to sit, watch your garden, and enjoy the weather. Not only is this settee comfortable, but it is also stylish and durable. Our settees change the way an outdoor space looks. It will transform your patio and it will help conserve space. Your patio could go from boring to stylish quickly by adding one of our settees. We have great prices that will convince you into buying not just one, but two or three settees! Get more for your money and shop with Simply Patio Furniture. You have found the perfect place to shop for settees, so why wait to make your purchase? Wait no more! Give your patio a decor upgrade! Order today and your favorite settee will be shipped for free.