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Arbors & Trellises

Do you want to know a way that you will be able to enhance your garden? Arbors are usually arched shaped structures that can act as a passageway through your backyard and add a sense of style that won't go unnoticed. Arbors sometimes also have vines and flowers growing up through them which will leave all your guests in awe. A trellis is a flat structure that provides the perfect surface for vines to grow, giving your patio a natual and sophisticated look. If you are looking for a great arbor structure you've come to the right place. We recommend the Uwharrie Companion Series Arbor. If you are looking for a great trellis we recommend the Oakland Living Rose Trellis. These arbors and trellis will transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor space. Not only are they beautiful, but they help plants like vegetables, fruits, and flowers to have a place to hold on to something as they grow, giving your backyard a full and vibrant look. Your family will love picking vegetables off of your arbor or your trellis. Browse through our great selections of arbors and trellises for great colors, designs, and heights to choose from. You are sure to find the right arbor or trellis to match for your backyard design. And if you havn't noticied... you don't have to worry about shipping. We got you covered. Order your favorite arbor or trellis to achieve the perfect backyard! Happy shopping!